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Post by Drahon on Sun Nov 21, 2010 4:55 am

You cannot explore star systems that are very far from your colony.
In order to expand your exploration, you must colonize a planet as your new home planet.

After you finish terraforming a planet, use the miniature on the planet to form a colony base. Note that the planet must have proper temperature, atmosphere and ecology to support colonies.

Miniature is a duplicate of your colony base. Every upgrades have been applied to your base will exist in new bases made with Miniature.

In addition, colonies with bases made from miniatures can mine resources on a planet. It takes a lot of time but you will be rewarded the resources for free, including charges.

If you use a miniature, the old colony base will still be there and you can always pay them a visit for 1 AP and 1 charges.


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