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Terraforming Empty Terraforming

Post by Drahon on Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:22 am

Terraforming is the way you make a planet inhabitable.
An inhabitable planet should have:
1. proper atmosphere (0.6-1.35 atm)
2. proper temperature (4200-4520 degrees Ithen)
3. proper ecosystem (includes plants and animals)

1. Gaining proper atmosphere
Atmosphere Generator creates more air for the planet. This will increase the density of the atmosphere. You need to use this if the atmosphere is below 0.6 atm. Instead, if it is above 1.35, you must decrease the density using Drought Generator. The atmosphere must be between 0.8 and 1.1 to give a perfect climate for the colony.

2. Controlling temperature
Everything you need to do is buy an Air Conditioner and use it on the planet. If the planet's temperature is above 4520 degrees (Ithen) you must cool the air. If it is below 4200 degrees then you must warm the air. The Air Conditioner can do them for your new colony.

3. Building a balanced ecosystem
Ecosystem is the biological environment. This includes all the living animals and plants, as well as the non-living matters with which the animals and plants interacts.
By doing the two first steps, you have already adjusted air and temperature for the ecosystem. The ecosystem requires plants and animals.
The succession must start with the Starter Plants. It starts with the fungi. They are the only organism able to grow in the planet. After, the soil will get softened and gets nutritious from the fungi. It will then support small plants and eventually large plants. As the plants produce oxygen it is now the time to use the Starter Animal to complete the ecosystem. Ofcourse you must start with herbivore animals. After, add carnivores.

After doing all of them, you are done!
The planet can now support new colonies.

Note: Once you have terraformed a planet, your spaceship can automatically terraform other planets. You must buy the required tools first though.


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