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Post by Shield on Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:12 am

It's another damn, I admit. I've noticed that it's so hard to maintain the things in text based RPG so I have tried to rebuilt at http://unlimitedsummoner.forumotion.com with easy-to-run concept (also changed to phpbb2)

so it's there a PbP RPG / play by post role playing game - much like text based games

I'm having many ideas but I'll add them slowly so I won't over-stack tasks again.

Right now the game mechanics is like this:
1. Someone creates a game concept
2. A Game Master request to host the game
3. Game Approval by Admin
4. Game building
5. Players approval by Game Master

Players need an approval from the game master to play the game - so the game master selects who can play the game (usually everyone will be accepted)

And right now we only need more players :0 , so joining us is a big help.

Note, that most games are adventure ones (at least an rpg) and your characters will develop as you play. Therefore, you can create multiple accounts whenever you want to play multiple players. Each of them must be approved by the Game Master though, before you can play them.

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